• All you have to do is register with an email address and you get in line for a free account to the Beta version of Materics!
  • On the right hand corner of the page, the blue button with your name directs you to your personal account page. Right there you can find an option for changing your password or any other personal information.
  • No, you can still access all current functionalities in Materics without one.
  • However, we are planning new functionalities (like collaboration tools and project showcase) to go live in the future which you will be able to access only if you have a completed company page.
  • After you Sign in you are redirected to the Find page. This is where you type in what you are looking for and by clicking find you are presented with a list of results.
  • These are presented to you according to how relevant they are to you.
  • You can then use the filtering tools to eliminate options which are not suitable for your project and then open the material pages of the products you are interested in.
  • On the material’s page you can see descriptions, pictures and technical specifications. If you decide to use this product you can add it to your repository or directly contact the reseller to request a quote of additional information.
  • No, we would never do that!
  • Products appear higher on the produced results because of any of these reasons:
    • The terms in your search match keywords in the products
    • they have been recently updated
    • the data has been provided by the manufacturer themselves not through third parties
    • the data provided is complete
    • the products are available in your local market
    • professionals like you have added them to their repositories
  • We get in touch with manufacturers and resellers from across the world and in collaboration with them, and the material’s pages with all the information you need is collected and showcased.
  • In a few instances the data you see are the public data they present on their websites or that we gathered through third parties i.e. resellers.
  • When the data is collected directly from the manufacturer of the product these are clearly marked as Verified data.
  • Yes, we do all the work of checking so you don’t have to!
  • And if for some few cases we haven’t confirmed it, we make sure these don’t show up high up your list of results so you are less likely to select a product that is no longer available.
  • We also talk to the manufacturers on a regular basis to make sure they are regularly updating their data on the site.
  • And any products that haven’t been updated in 3 months or more and are not verified as still available are no longer marked as verified data.
If you read all the way down this list and you still have questions, we are here to help! Drop us a line at AnswerMe@materics.com and a friendly, real life person will get back to you.
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